Craft Beer – The Beer of Beer Lovers

If you love beer and have a passion for high quality beers, then you may have heard of craft beers. While you may have heard of it, it is likely you don’t what it means or know where it even came from. Craft beers are beer made by microbreweries that are characteristically flavored. They are made in small batches only so brewers have the option to experiment to make their beers more unique.

ACBW-muse-mainWhen you say craft beer, it does not mean you are referring to only one particular type or flavor of beer, but more like a beer made by a small, independent, and traditional beer brewer whose annual production is less than 2 million barrels of beer per year. The microbrewing movement started in the 1970s in the United Kingdom and subsequently spread to other countries. Nevertheless, the art of brewing has been around for centuries. Craft beer is sometimes referred to as brewpub as it is beer that has been made to be served on some beer pubs.

Beer aficionados and beer lovers love the taste of craft beer due to its unique and better flavor. This is actually the very reason why the popularity of craft beer is expanding as the tastes and aromas of craft beers are truly unique. Since each microbrewery has their own particular blend, every craft beer from different brewers has their own unique and distinct flavor, body, and aroma. Microbrewers make sure that all the necessary ingredients and flavors are added to their brew so that they achieve a stronger taste in their beer.

There are actually many flavors to choose from when it comes to craft beer. Each brewer has their own signature flavors and this literally translates to thousands of flavors all over the world. If you truly love beer, then perhaps you should start counting the different flavors that you’ve had so far as well as the ones you would like to taste.

Another interesting aspect of craft beer is that they have more alcohol content. This means you will be drinking less of it to have that same effect as regular beers. This, in a way, also helps in giving you fewer trips to the bathroom. Unlike mainstream or mass-produced beer that are watery, craft beer has better body which is the reason why all those that have tried craft beer will prefer craft beer whenever there is an option. This is why even beer connoisseurs love and enjoy craft beer much better.