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How to Make a Martini

The martini is a cocktail drink that is quite popular, but perhaps even made popular by the fictional spy character, James Bond 007, through his unique request of his martini cocktail drink to be “shaken not stirred.”  This alcoholic cocktail is primarily made using gin and vermouth although there have been certain variations that have been formed, mostly replacing the gin with another clear spirit alcohol, vodka, in particular.  Nevertheless, the garnish of olive, lemon twist or lemon peel always remains the same.  Garnish depends mostly on its availability.

Throughout the years, people have come to associate martini as an alcoholic cocktail.  Throughout the world, in bars and clubs, martini is popular and enjoyed by both men and women.  Unlike other drinks that are very girly or very manly, the martini conforms to both sexes while maintaining its style and elegance.

Currently, there are many martini variations available.  However, it is the original that is always the most notable as it is after all largely the one that made martini popular to the drinking public.

The ingredients on how to make a martini are:

3 oz. Gin
1 oz. Vermouth
Olive, Lemon Peel, or Lemon Twist

Cocktail shaker
Mixing Bowl
Martini Glass

To make the minhas martini , first chill out all the ingredients including the utensils you are going to need to make the martini.  This helps ensure that the ingredients are cold and touches only cold surfaces.  Once chilled, take the cocktail shaker out of the fridge, place some ice in it, and then pour one ounce vermouth inside.  Give the contents a twirl until the vermouth takes the temperature of the ice.  Once done, strain the vermouth into the mixing glass.

Take out the gin from the fridge and put three ounces inside along with the ice recently used from the vermouth.  Place the shaker’s cap and vigorously swirl the content.  Once the gin gets the temperature of the ice without being diluted, strain contents into the mixing bowl.  Mix both gin and vermouth in the mixing bowl.  Take the martini glass out of the fridge and pour the content into the martini glass.  Top it off with a garnish of olive, lemon peel, or lemon twist.  Relax and enjoy the drink, for more info follow minhas on twitter.